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Wheelchair Transportation

Wheelchair Transportation is a medical transport service in Wesley Chapel that is locally owned. Ours is a non-emergency medical transport service. We aim at providing the highest quality of care for all our passengers very safely. All thanks to our highly trained and CPR certified drivers!

Far-Off Coverage

We offer local along with long-distance trips for the ambulatory transportation.


Wheelchair Transportation service is always on time. No unnecessary delays!

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Door-to-Door Transport

If you are not able to reach the doctor’s appointment on time, our transportation services can help. Our skilled professionals are capable enough to assist you onto a wheelchair or stretcher. Thus, you need not worry about getting delayed if you have a doctor’s appointment coming your way.

Wheelchair Transport

Our medical transport service covers Wesley Chapel and beyond. We offer safe and reliable transportations for patients that require wheelchair and other ambulatory services. The patient is bound to wheelchair for transport. Leg rests are necessary for wheelchair transport.

Stretcher Transport

Stretcher Transport is another service offered by our non-emergency medical transport service. We offer local as well as long distance trips to take you anywhere. During stretcher transport, the patient is bound to a bed. A gurney is required for transportation in the case of the stretcher transportation.

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We specialize in non-emergency transportation services. Let us handle your transportation needs and be the go-to provider of wheelchair/stretcher-friendly transport you need.

Our range of transportation options are designed to cater to a wider variety of requirements. Call on us to be there for you! As an organization, we stand by our commitment to safety and quality. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded to provide you with peace of mind during your travels.


    What Our Client’s Say?


    Wheelchair Transportation goes above and beyond any I could have imagined. I never had to worry about my husband’s transportation. They took my husband Bob to and from dialysis three times a week for over a year and a half, right up until his passing.


    The service has been wonderful. Everyone is nice and courteous. The drivers are very considerate of our feelings and nice about sending the drivers that we like. We have neither complaints nor any problems with the company. Outstanding service.


    Wheelchair Transportation transported my husband by stretcher to a series of 33 radiation treatments. We were dazzled by their punctuality, transportation smarts, and medical professionalism. It is always a pleasure to be in the company of their co-workers.